Walsh Whiskey Distillery

Development of a premium brand hand crafted Whiskey Distillery and Visitor Centre including the construction of a state of the art Still House to accommodate the various mash tuns, pot stills etc. A large concrete distillery yard was provided to accommodate the various tanks (eg fermentor, pot ale, grain intake tanks) including various gantries, walkways etc. The development also included for the restoration of the protected Holloden House which along with the Still House will form part of the Visitor Centre. This development includes extensive siteworks and drainage including river water extraction, various settlement tanks, fire water storage tanks and a large pond, all sensitively positioned in a picturesque parkland setting.

Architect: Bluett & O’Donoghue Architects


"MLQ unquestionably saved Walsh Whiskey Distillery Ltd. money during each stage of this project and helped the team achieve a great overall result" 

Bernard Walsh - Managing Director, Walsh Whiskey Distillery Ltd.